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Lesson 1 Discussion Guide (for peer facilitators)

  1. What did you learn that confirms your worldview or what you already know?
  2. What was something you learned that is surprising or shifted your worldview? 
  3. The modules only briefly covered a lot of material. What else would you add to continue to paint a fuller picture of the ideologies that have impacted the US, and more specifically the conservation, environmental, and outdoor movement?
  4. In what ways have these ideologies impacted your life?
  5. In what ways have these ideologies shown up in local events (either historic or contemporary)?
  6. What feelings come up for you when connections are made between these ideologies and your organization’s work? 
  7. What feelings came up for you as you were doing the self-inventory of your settler privilege? [Remind your peers that though there is overlap between white and settler privilege, non-Indigenous people of color are also settlers in the U.S.]