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Lesson 3 Discussion Guide (for peer facilitators)

  1. The Avarna video and the podcast episode discuss many ways that history has impacted the work of the conservation/environmental/outdoor sector (such as humans having dominion over nature, fortress conservation, narrow view of how land should be used, and more). Have any of these impacts manifested in your own organization, and how might you reframe or shift your work to address these impacts?
  2. The article by Robin Wall Kimmerer talks about how the language we use can be a reflection of our relationship to land, water and wildlife. What are some common phrases and language used in your organization? How do the phrases and language either constrain or give room for multiple connections to land, water, and wildlife? 
  3. Have some of the “eco-fascist” myths in the reading manifested in your work? If so, how can you re-frame the issues to better align with equity and justice?