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Lesson 2 Peer Facilitation Guide


  • The video about gender and STEM talks about the impacts of stereotypes. How might the same dynamics they discuss in STEM show up in conservation and outdoor work?
  • In the PBS video, “Black folk don’t…” there are a lot of different viewpoints, practices, and experiences related to “going green.” Could you summarize or find any themes within the varied responses? After watching this video, how would you respond if someone said to you, “Black folks don’t go green.”
  • In the article about the “ecological Indian” stereotype, how does Dina Gilio-Whitaker describe the various manifestations and then impacts of the “ecological Indian”?
  • What other stereotypes are prevalent in our work? 
  • For each stereotype, discuss the following:
    • What are the assumptions behind this stereotype? 
    • How might those assumptions do harm? 
    • What information or context is missing from this stereotype?