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Beyond the Trend of Decolonizing Science

This webinar explores what it means to “decolonize science” in a discussion led by Indigenous and Black scholars. They use the Thirty Meter Telescope and the mountain of Mauna Kea as a case study of colonialism in science. For more watch here.

Systemic Racism Explained

This video provides a brief, but effective explanation of how systemic racism impacts people of color in the US today by exploring the history of residential segregation and other forms of segregation limited people of color’s access to wealth. It also discusses how systemic racism is perpetuated by implicit bias. For more watch here.

How This Native American Elder Reclaimed Sacred Land in the Bay Area

This documentary describes the history of the displacement and attempted erasure of the Ohlone people. It also describes an Elder’s effort to reestablish connection with Ohlone religious practices. For more watch here.

Queer in tech: free stock photos from Mapbox

Mapbox created this photo set to promote the visibility of queer and gender-nonconforming (GNC) people in technology, who are often under-represented as workers powering the creative, technical, and business leadership of groundbreaking tech companies and products. Click here to access the article and here to access the database.

This Land – Faith E. Briggs x Merrell

Runner and advocate Faith E. Briggs used to run through the streets of Brooklyn every morning. Now, she’s running 150 miles through three U.S. National Monuments that lay in the thick of the controversy around public lands. Accompanied by running companions who represent diverse perspectives in what it means to be a public land owner, she assesses what is at stake if previously protected lands are reduced and if the public is largely unaware. THIS LAND is a story about land access told through a journey of inclusion and empowerment. Watch here.

Relearning The Star Stories Of Indigenous Peoples: How the lost constellations of indigenous North Americans can connect culture, science, and inspire the next generation of scientists.

This Science Friday article and radio show episode talks about about the historical role of science in indigenous communities and considering a broader definition of science. In the piece, journalist Christie Taylor interviews Wilfred Buck, Cree elder and storyteller who teaches about indigenous astronomy. For more read and listen here.

How The ‘Majority-Minority’ Projection Took On A Life Of Its Own

This radio piece on National Public Radio describes how the messaging surrounding the 2000 census triggered white fragility in people who grew to fear the impending “brown planet” that is to come in 2042. It’s an interesting piece on the Census, race categories, public messaging, and white fragility. For more click here.

Black Illustrations image database

Black illustrations is a series of FREE digital designs of black people for your next online project. Use our designs anywhere.  From your websites, web applications to mobile apps, we’ve built these designs to be used anywhere and everywhere. Click here for more.

Reclaiming Poramboke

This video an example of how art (here, music and dance) can be used for social movements
With respect to the art shown here, it’s an example of how traditional art forms like karnatic music and bharathanatyam, which traditionally are performed in unique venues with exclusive access, can be democratized.
It illustrates how words that are used in a derogatory way (Poramboke in this case) can be reclaimed by a community.
It’s an example of how change can happen from a grassroots level with messaging about how It’s all of our responsibility, versus large organizations coming down to “save” communities
It addresses how we tend to value certain types of landscapes over others
It directly illustrates how poor communities are at the front lines of environmental degradation.

From the creators: “Poromboke is an old Tamil word meaning shared-use community resources like water bodies, seashore and grazing lands that are not assessed for tax purposes. Today, it has become a bad word used to describe worthless people or places. Chennai Poromboke Paadal is part of a campaign to reclaim the word and restore its worth.”

The Culture Inside

From the Invisibilia podcast, on June 15, 2017: “Scientific research has shown that even well meaning people operate with implicit bias – stereotypes and attitudes we are not fully aware of that nonetheless shape our behavior towards people of color. We examine the Implicit Association Test, a widely available psychological test that popularized the notion of implicit bias. And we talk to people who are tackling the question, critical to so much of our behavior: what does it take to change these deeply embedded concepts? Can it even be done?”


American Indian History Timeline

This document, presented by the Indian Land Tenure Foundation, outlines a historical timeline of events, laws, legislation and policies affecting American Indians.