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Peer Facilitation Guide

Set up: In either an online or in person setting, we will be asking people to share some ideas using some visual facilitation. Please set up either an online tool (Slido, Jamboard, etc) or for in person work, have pieces of paper, tape, and a wall to post on. 

Part 1: Feelings of solidarity. Say: You were asked to reflect upon and write about 2 moments (1) a moment when someone really showed up in solidarity with you, your people, or your ancestors; and (2) a moment when you had the opportunity to show up in solidarity with someone else

  • Online discussions: If you have the ability to use a word cloud generator slide, prepare a poll and ask participants to share their feelings for each of these moments in 2 word clouds.  You can also use online sticky notes or another visual tool.
  • In person discussions: Ask people to write some of the feelings for each of these moments on sticky notes and stick them up on the wall. Have the group do a gallery walk to see these two groups of feelings.
  • Debrief: 
    • What themes did you observe in our feelings when someone showed up for us?
    • What themes did you observe in our feelings when we had the chance to show up for others?
    • What gets in the way of engaging in solidarity work?

Part 2: Taking Bold Action

  • You were asked to brainstorm concrete actions you can take to engage in allyship (the more interpersonal work) and how you can engage in accompliceship (the institutional or collective work) for a particular system of oppression.
  • In pairs: Name one specific action that you would like to take to address systemic oppression that is on your learning edge (e.g. it’s uncomfortable, but not impossible). 
  • Coaching: Take turns in walking through the series of questions that aparna and Ava walked through in the last video to support each other in taking action. The questions include: 
    • Notice how you feel: What feelings are coming up for you when you consider taking bold actions? What is your stress level and where is it in your body? How would you describe the feeling?
    • Internal support system: What wisdom and past experiences can you draw on to help you take this bold action? What wisdom can you draw on from when folks have shown up for you in the past?
    • Your superpowers: What are your unique talents, skills, gifts, etc that will help you take this action with style, flare, and authenticity?
    • Stay connected: Who are some individuals and groups you can get support from and stay in relationship with?
    • Try a thing: Can you commit to trying this thing? What are your next steps?