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Lesson 6 Peer Facilitation Guide

Make this disclaimer before you begin: Understandably, big feelings arise when processing through internalized inferiority and superiority. We want to create as safe a container as possible for us to talk about these important topics, and there is a big emotional risk in this particular topic. So that means that if you want to talk about feelings that arise when processing through your own internalized inferiority and superiority, I’d encourage you to connect with folks who have shared experiences and identities outside this larger group setting. Also know that we’re going to dive more into feelings in the next lesson so you will have more tools to process these feelings then. 

  1. Participants were asked to engage with an article or video based on one of the following concepts shared in the Avarna video: gaslighting, respectability politics, tokenism, and conflating accountability with “call-out” or “cancel” culture. 
  2. Place people in groups based on the concept/article they chose to share more about. It’s ok if there is a concept that no one engaged with. If only one person engaged with a particular idea, ask them to select a group that they’d like to join. 
  3. In small groups, ask participants to try to come up with: 
    • The definition of the concept
    • How it is an expression of internalized superiority
    • How it harms people with marginalized identities and their perceptions of themselves
  4. Bring participants back together and have them present to one another to support peer learning