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Katie Koga


Published on

06 - 03 - 2021

a person smiling to someone off camera with plants in the background

Katie (she/hers) grew up as an “indoor kid” and did not begin fostering a relationship with the outdoors until later in life, at which point she noticed the disconnect between her love of the natural world and who seemed to participate in it. Rooted in a strong background of intersectional identities, Katie is passionate about working to amplify the multi-vocal narratives of all social and environmental spaces. Katie has applied her strong organizational and systems-thinking skills to support the work of organizations working in fair housing, service-learning, allyship and empowerment, racial justice, and community organizing. Her many, varied interests keep her simultaneously busy and engaged in her community. The “indoor kid” that still lives in Katie enjoys knitting and sewing, in addition to hiking or biking anything that can get a view up top.

e: [email protected]