Aparna believes believes that sustainability cannot be addressed in a vacuum; people are part of every environmental equation. Aparna has devoted the last seven years to helping outdoor and environmental organizations attract and engage a diverse and inclusive base of people and cultivate inclusive cultures. Aparna has facilitated workshops on inclusion, equity, cultural competence, and cultural relevancy for over thousands of outdoor educators, nonprofit leaders, outdoor industry professionals, land managers, conservation grantors, and conservationists. She has also spearheaded projects that encourage public dialogue about diversity and inclusion in the outdoors, including Expedition Denali: Inspiring Diversity in the Outdoors. In a previous life, Aparna was a hotshot lawyer for a decade and a not-so-hotshot engineer for less than a decade. This meant she didn’t have time to do the things she loved, like playing outdoors. (She did, however, get some amazing views from top floor offices of skyscrapers.) In 2010, she turned her passion into a career, switching out her skyscraper views for mountain views, and has never looked back. While not at work, she can be found outside playing with her partner Jamie and their son Kieran and blogging about it when the mood so strikes her.

e: [email protected]