Navigate unconscious bias, cultivate an inclusive workplace, learn how to hire for diversity and inclusion, and practice having difficult conversations about race, class, and other identities with our suite of standard and custom workshops.

  • Grappling With Unconscious Bias

    In this workshop, participants will be able to define and distinguish between diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competence. Participants will then learn how unconscious bias may impede our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. We examine ways that bias manifests in three lenses: (1) our individual thoughts and actions; (2) within our organizations, institutions, and agencies; and (3) in the conservation, outdoor recreation, environmentalism, camp and youth development sectors as a whole. Using activities and scenarios, we introduce and practice using tools for mitigating and interrupting bias in ourselves and challenging bias in others and within our organizations’ policies, programs, and procedures. Participants will leave with new language and concepts, as well as concrete examples of how bias could negatively impact the work they do and some ways to navigate bias.

    This workshop can be given in a 2-hour, half day or full day time frame.

    In a 2-hour format, we provide a limited number of examples of how bias manifests and ways to mitigate it.

    In a half day format, we integrate more activities and scenarios, provide a broader range of examples of how bias manifests and how to mitigate and interrupt it, and contextual bias with a timeline of the unique history and legacy of conservation and environmentalism.

    In a 2-day option, we provide all of the above, as well as deeper dives into race, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, class, dis/ability, intersectionality, privilege, oppression, and allyship.

  • Building Culturally Relevant, Responsible, & Responsive Curriculum and Programs

    In this workshop, we introduce participants to the concepts of 3R—or culturally relevant, responsive, and responsible—curriculum and and program development and provide examples of how to audit, edit, and add to your curriculum to make it more inclusive and reach a broader audience. “Relevant” connotes how you connect lessons to your learners’ lives. “Responsible” connotes how you tackle bias to present multiple and balanced perspectives. “Responsive” connotes how you employ participants-centered instructional methods to reach all learners. for this workshop, we will work with you to create a sample curriculum piece that we can dissect and revise using the 3R approach.

    This workshop can be run a half day workshop and full day workshop. Online curriculum trainings are offered in certain situations.

  • Integrating Inclusion and Equity Into Recruitment & Hiring

    In this offering, we will walk participants through the process of hiring, from crafting the job description all the way to making the hiring decisions, offering tips for tackling bias and casting a wider net along the way. At the end of the workshop we dissect a sample job description from your organization to determine ways you could improve it to attract a broader range of candidates.

  • Cultivating Board Buy-In and Engagement with Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

    We know that buy-in at all levels of your organization, including your board, is important for successful diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. In our board engagements, we deliver information your board needs to support and drive DEI efforts in your organization. That often includes helping them define key terms, articulate why DEI are important to your organization and its mission, and navigate a framework for building a holistic strategic DEI plan.

  • How to Build a Holistic Plan for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) can feel like the elephant in the room. It’s big. It’s heavy. It’s overwhelming. If you feel like you’ve been talking about DEI but don’t know how to walk the talk, this workshop is for you. Over four hours, we make the pachydermic work of DEI more palatable and less paralyzing by allowing you to take one bite at a time. We will guide you so you can more confidently articulate what the work entails, explain why it’s critical to the future of conservation and/or recreation, and build a plan (using our 4-Quadrant Approach) for your organization to move forward with this work. You will leave with a map plotting your organization’s next steps and a compass to guide you there.

  • Web-based Learning on a Variety of Topics

    We know that flying us out to deliver a training in person isn’t always ideal, so we have a whole suite of webinars. All of our webinars are interactive and recorded for future needs.

    1. The What and Why of DEI: Build a foundation for DEI by learning what diversity, equity, inclusion, cultural competence (and even cultural relevancy) mean, and why this work is important to organizations like yours
    2. How to Eat an Elephant: Using a 4-quadrant Approach to Build a DEI Plan: this webinar walks you through a framework help you build a holistic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion and prompts you to identify internal and external strategies that are priorities for your organizations.
    3. Building 3R Curriculum and Programs: Learn how to build culturally relevant, responsive, and responsible (3R) curriculum and programming in the conservation, environmental education, leadership education, and youth development fields.
    4. Integrating DEI into Recruitment & Hiring: Walk through the entire recruitment and hiring process—from writing the job description, to posting it, to screening resumes, to interviewing the candidate, to selecting the candidate for the job, to follow-up—and identify ways you can attract a more diverse talent pool and eliminate bias in the process.
    5. Engaging in Authentic and Effective Multicultural Marketing: From your optics to your messaging to your channels, learn how cast a wider net so people from diverse backgrounds can see themselves engaging with your organization.

  • Custom Workshops

    Though all of the work we do is custom to a degree, we also have the capacity to create fully customized trainings on topics of your choice. We will be honest about our ability to tackle the topic and walk you through whether web-based or in-person facilitation would be best.