We can help kickstart conversations with presentations and keynote addresses on discrete topics and issues surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion, and unconscious bias that impact conservation, advocacy, youth development, camp, and outdoor recreation and education. Sample presentations include the following:

  • Bias & The Legacy of Wilderness, Recreation, & Conservation

    We examine the cultural values of wilderness, recreation, and conservation in the US. By examining conservation history and social history, we can better understand the biases that pervade the conservation and recreation sector, explain why our organizations are so homogeneous, and shift our paradigm so we can be more relevant to a broader range of people.

  • Cultural Relevancy in Public Lands, Wildlife, & Water Management

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are often placed under the umbrella of “cultural relevancy” within public lands, wildlife, and water management. In a short presentation, we cover the guiding principles of making your agency and programs more culturally relevant to more Americans.

  • The Hallmarks of Equitable and Reciprocal Partnerships

    Outdoor and conservation organizations at time rely on partnerships to fulfill their diversity, equity, inclusion, and relevancy goals. At times, these partnerships can leave people and organizations feeling tokenized, used, and unsupported. Only with equitable and reciprocal (or mutualistic) partnerships can organizations truly succeed. In this presentation we cover the hallmarks of partnerships that work so you can engage in more meaningful outreach efforts where everyone benefits and feels valued.