Assessment & Strategy

Hold a mirror up to your own organization with assessment and strategy services that help you pinpoint your strengths and opportunities and map out a plan that sets you on the path to diversity, equity, and inclusion success.

  • Culture & Climate Audits

    We use surveys and ethnographic techniques such as focus groups, interviews, and archival research to perform culture and climate audits, which are designed to help you identify stakeholder buy-in, perceptions, experiences, engagement, competence, confidence, strengths, and challenges with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Strategic DEI Planning

    By engaging with your staff and constituents, we help you craft a ground-up holistic diversity, equity, and inclusion plan that reflects everyone’s input and has concrete goals, strategies, tactics, metrics, and a plan for accountability. The plan can be integrated into your organizational strategic plan or exist as a standalone DEI implementation plan that supports your mission.

  • Multicultural Marketing & Branding

    We work with your marketing team to ensure your brand represents the culture you aspire to foster and that your marketing reaches a broad audience. This includes an evaluation of your advertising, optics, website, messaging, language, channels, and marketing policies.

  • Hiring and Recruitment Practices & Employee Retention

    Our hiring and recruitment practices service aims to give organizations the tools to conduct a comprehensive and inclusive hiring process. We advise on how to cast a wide recruiting net, create inclusive and responsible hiring practices, and retain and advance a diverse group of employees.

  • Inclusion & Bias Incident Reporting

    We have build a data-gathering tool that allows organizations to better document and track exclusionary incidents (sometimes called bias incidents) within your organization and its external programs. This tool is most helpful to Human Resources and Risk Management personnel who are responsible for tracking, reporting, and minimizing incidents involving misconduct, harassment, bullying, and other exclusionary incidents.