I was blown away. I think they’re the most exciting voice on diversity and equity in the outdoors right now.

Great Outdoors Colorado Joe Davidson, Youth Programs Coordinator

Great foundations, especially to fuel conversations and help us move forward… Overall, this was indescribably valuable for me and my organization. Totally relevant and exceptional.

Teton Science Schools Workshop Participant

Organized and digestible approach to teaching sensitive subjects. I love the applicable lessons.

YMCA Camping Services Participant

The Avarna Group fills a distinct and important niche.  They are working to peel back the onion that is classism, racism, and bias of all types, within the outdoor recreation, education and environmental activist fields. They are knowledgeable, professional and passionate about change.

Outdoors Empowered Network Kyle MacDonald, executive director

You realize that D&I training doesn’t have a “one size fits all” template and catered the training to our organization, which was so helpful.

Montana Conservation Corps Participant

The models and vocabulary have given me a clearer way to track my own thought processes. I feel more equipped to help others understand bias, privilege, and microaggressions.

Outward Bound Participant

Our facilitators were very knowledgeable and professional. I wish more DEI trainings were like this one.

Outward Bound Participant

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important in this field, without question, if we are to continue to authentically engage diverse communities and meaningfully include them in this movement. Just as important, if not more so, is having leaders in this field with the facilitation skills and knowledge to guide all of us in this path. The Avarna Group provides this—passionate, informed, but also active learners in this work.”

Latino Outdoors José Gonzales, founder

“I’ve had some great discussions this week that were productive and I really don’t think that they would have been possible without the workshop. Thank you. What you do works.”

Montana State University Engineers Without Borders Workshop Participant

“This was the most helpful workshop on these topics that I’ve ever had. Particularly unconscious bias, which is deep-rooted and insidious. Thank you for not shaming the existence of bias and instead pushing towards identifying and interrupting it. Your energy and enthusiasm were great!”

2015 Outdoors Empowered Network Summit Participant

“Amazing job. As a woman of color, it’s great to have such solid tools, ideas, and practices to move forward and continue to feel like I do have a place in the outdoors. I also appreciated the interactive nature of the workshop.”

2015 Outdoors Empowered Network Summit Participant

“Your workshop exposed gaps in our program that, due to bias, I hadn’t previously identified or acknowledged. I also appreciated the scenarios—to see other people and collaborate on how to handle uncomfortable or confrontational situations was reassuring and helpful.”

2015 Outdoors Empowered Network Summit Participant

“It’s not what you’re teaching but how you are able to teach it that resonates with me. You teach in a way that brings in white men and helps them feel they can be allies, rather than just wallowing in white guilt.”

YMCA Outdoor Leadership Development Program Director

“Your presentation was engaging, accessible and extremely educational. You successfully addressed a number of issues that we were struggling with and rather than make us feel guilty or overwhelmed for not doing more, you couched these issues as pervasive in the outdoor education field in general. This allowed our leadership team to feel we’re not alone in our shortcomings and recognize that you (and our own staff) are here to help address them. That’s powerful and motivating stuff, and you delivered it with confidence, humor and sensitivity.”

Student Conservation Association Program Director

“The structure and progression of curriculum was great. You’ve packaged nicely some big and heavy discussions. I think you are a master at facilitating such discussions and look to you as a role model in this way.”

YMCA Outdoor Leadership Development Program Courtney Aber, Executive Director

“This workshop was more effective than any I have been to at providing me with activities and ways of gently framing conversations that I feel I can use with my own staff as a very entry-level intro to cultural competency.”

2013 Wilderness Risk Management Conference Attendee

“I think that we have immensely benefited by the Avarna Group. Our organization now has the tools to have effective leaders and active followers, thus leading us closer to accomplishing our goals and mission.”

Montana State University Engineers Without Borders Participant