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25 Sep“But we’ve always said ‘biner!’” exclusionary words in outdoor recreation and education

Actually written by Guest Contributor Monserrat Alvarez [caption id="attachment_2568" align="alignleft" width="225"] Monserrat (Guachichil/Mexica) is an outdoor educator from the South who works for a more equitable and inclusive Outdoors. She currently works at cityWILD as their program assistant where she combines her love for the Outdoors, youth development, and social justice.[/caption] The ways we show up for communities and marginalized folks starts with our words. Our words hold power. Our words have impact. We cannot use ignorance...

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24 MayEquity means supporting single identity spaces

We know diversity allows organizations to think out of the box, be more creative and innovative, problem-solve better and see around corners. But leading with diversity can undermine equity, especially when it comes to single identity experiences for people with marginalized identities. To be clear, today we're talking about single-identity spaces for people with marginalized identities. Single identity spaces for white folks or men, for example, is another topic for another blog post. Here, we’re referring to spaces created by and for pe...

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18 JanWhat Does President Obama’s Memo Mean for You?

Implementing President Obama's Memo on Diversity & Inclusion in Public Lands & Waters Dear valued partners and friends: We’re writing to announce that we’ve created a new free toolkit that we hope will help all of you. As many of you know, last Thursday, President Obama made an impactful statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion in our public lands and waters when he issued his Memorandum on Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Our National Parks, National Forests, and Other Public Lands and Water. The memo directs fede...

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07 JanWhat Does Cultural Relevancy Mean Anyway?

This post is dedicated to Vu Le at Nonprofit With Balls, whose bold nuggets of gold we can only aspire to produce, and who has inspired us to fearlessly “go there.” Disclaimer: For those of you engaging in cultural relevancy work without a working definition, this blog post is intended to call you in, not call you out. “Cultural Relevancy” is a phrase that is being bandied about in the outdoor and environmental sector. But the more I hear it, the less I believe we’re all on the same page as to what it means. Try Googling "cultur...

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09 DecTackling the Blob: Getting started on equity, inclusion, & diversity work

NOTE: If this post leaves you hungry for more information, join us on January 21st for this free webinar, hosted by Transforming Youth Outdoors. Embarking on equity, inclusion and diversity work can feel like you’re tackling a shape shifting, amorphous giant while simultaneously trying to swim a mile in maple syrup. Or something equally challenging, frustrating, and confusing. At social events, I often get to tell people about the work I do and inevitably, they will make reference to an organization, an article, or a movement that pertains...

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