Last month we did another free webinar with Transforming Youth Outdoors. This time we talked about how to get started in DEI work. When we first started thinking about doing all of this work, we heard so many different approaches. Some organizations are highly focused on engaging a more diverse population, some organizations are focused on improving hiring practices, while others are concerned about the inclusive nature of their programming. These are all great strategies, but to be successful in DEI work, an organization needs to engage in multiple strategies.

To organize all the strategies, we created this four quadrant framework that allows organizations to map out their DEI plan, and ensure their approach is holistic. In the webinar we step through how to use this framework and the importance of each quadrant, and hopefully make the thought of doing DEI work feel less overwhelming, and more approachable. After watching the webinar if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!